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Originally Posted by gthal View Post
It is fantastic how great of a car the E92 M3 is to this day! I still miss my M3.

At some point, I will have an M4 as my DD and the C7 as my weekend/track car. BMW is in my blood.

This comment surprised me about the C7...

"Then there are the Corvette's optional magnetically adjustable dampers, which shame the M3 when it comes to ride quality. No other car can so thoroughly destroy a race circuit before turning around and coddling its fatigued driver on the interstate journey home. All it takes is the turn of a knob."

I'm glad to hear that ride quality is very good on the C7. GM also seems to have nailed the steering. Hopefully BMW will have the same quality electric steering in the M4. Who am I kidding, of course they will
the irony of that is that they admitted to rather have the m3 as an everyday driver.