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Originally Posted by SenorFunkyPants View Post
In the UK there are two versions of this oil:
Edge professional 10W60 FST for M engines.
Edge 10W60 FST for M engines.
The "professional" version is the OEM fill oil and exclusive to BMW dealers.
"Edge" is the retail version.
Both meet the same specs but apparently the "Professional" version is more strictly quality controlled.
Originally Posted by Petros View Post
I sincerely doubt that Castrol will run two separate manufacturing and processing lines for what's basically the same oil, just to keep BMW happy. It is probably nothing more than branding, possibly related to the exclusivity deal with BMW. Maybe BMW patented the term "professional" to make it look like they and their stealerships know what they're doing, And that's why Castrol cannot sell a "professional" oil directly to the public.
Actually FunkyPants is correct. The version sold from the dealer is the ester based oil the other retail version is not. I think it is group 4, I posted this probably a half year or so ago, cant remember all the specifics but they are different. The black stone lab reports do not show that the base stock is different so they look the same. The machine they use is does not do that.
Doug Hillary (co-developer of the TWS oil) confirmed it over on BITOG and I tested it myself on our machines from Shell and agree with what he said.
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