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BMW e90 Coding 6fl to CIC Combox

First of all hello to everyone on this forum.
And sorry for opening another thread about this.

But after reading countless threads on this forums and hours and hours spent on research I stll have a problem with coding 6fl option to my e90 lci.

It is 2011 e90 LCI that came with buissness cd nav display (small one), and a combox in trunk, but no armrest usb (only aux).

After spending counless hours and days trying to figure this out I still failed.

From what I have found out it should be as simple as connecting a HSD cabel to combox and coding it in with NCSExpert and K+Dcan cable.
My main issue here is that I could never get past the VIN is faulty error and I cant figure this out.

I live in a country with no experts in this field so I am looking for any help possible.
I am eaven willing to pay someone with knowelage to do this remotely if possible.

Thanks in advance,
Any help appreaciated.
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