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Hi, I know this post is old but if anyone wonders I will share my experience :
I bought an US Spec e92 M3 in Europe (I'm in France). I think the regulation is mostly depending on the country you are going to register it into.
For me, I had to go through a special process where they test the conformity to EU regulations. You have to contact BMW for them to give you an official paper stating the differences of your car compared to the EU models.
This included for me :
-Tire sizes
-Rear blinker light (Blinks red in US, have to be orange in EU)
-Rear fog lights (They are mandatory in EU)

Other things that differ from US/EU but wasn't mandatory to change to get it registered in my country :
-External mirror FOV (those are quite expensive actually)
-Front seatbelts (not CE)
-Speedmeter (mph primary, fine in my country as long as you have kph as secondary).
-Little orange lights always on at the edge of front headlights (Not really forbiden in EU as long as they are not the same light used for blinkers, but definitely a point I had to argue about upon inspection).

So I had to get a full set of tires to the size requested by bmw and bought some used EU spec tail lights (Outter ones only, not the ones on the trunk). The rear fog lights are actually wired even on US cars (they are on the inner taillight, the ones on the trunk, that's why you don't need to change them), you just have to buy an EU headlight selector that have the push button for rear fog lights.
It's not much but definitely something to consider as it can be a total cost of an extra thousand give or take.
Also the procedure is quite time consuming at least here, requires quite a lot of paperwork and took me almost a full year to get it done. (I had to take down supercharger, put everything back stock, cats, remove tainted windows etc... was a bit of a pain)

Again, the experience might differ in every country, I bought mine from Bulgaria and the PO didn't have to go through all that shit to get it registered as it was still full US spec'ed when I bought it and it was registered that way there.

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