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Originally Posted by alms211 View Post
I'm trying to figure out why anyone would discuss an M6 and it's canyon carving abilities, it's rawness or it's driver involvement. Its a high horsepower 4k+ lb large GT car not a nimble drivers car; not even close to even an M3 which is now also a GT car. An M6 has never been a drivers car. It's just bastardizing the original intent and M breed. Do you think the same person is cross shopping an M6 or an SL Benz with even an M3? If they are they are seriously confused on what they hell they want. IMO a former M3 owner that is now looking at An M6 is someone that wants something "more expensive" but doesn't want the driving involvement of something like a 911 but wants an M badge.
Not sure I understand how a 911 is the next step from an M3 or any M for that matter? Unless you are simply referring to the more expensive aspect when you consider that to really out class an M3 with a porsche you need to go to a Turbo which is in the $160K range (new).

An M6/M5 is simply BMW's submission into the GT and Sports Saloon market. Similar to what Porsche did with the Panamera, or Maserati with a GranTurismo, or Jaguar with an XKR (S), etc.