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Forum searches can be a pain. Plus if there weren't re-posts, we wouldn't have much of an excuse to be on the forum all day. Anyhow, I had an IS for several years and it never needed anything more than an oil change, gas and tires. It was extremely reliable but also very dull and lifeless. It felt a bit too Jap-toner for me. I only bought it because... well, that's a really long story but "forced" is the word that comes to mind. I've since moved on to many different BMW's including a couple of X5's, a pair of 335's (sedan and coupe - wife in the coupe now) and most recently to an E92 M3. I absolutely love the M3. It's been the most exciting and thrilling car I've ever owned. I've been down the path with a MB, and unfortunately, it was a very rough and rocky trip. I say no-go to MB. Put the M3 in your garage and I guarantee you'll be waking up early and looking for a reason to get behind the wheel.