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you're all over the place, you're mixing it up

1. EDC = Electronic Damper Control , has nothing to do with power button. changes the harness of the ride when goin over bumps. In short, the system in comfort or normal mode (and in sport mode for the ZCP package) adjusts dynamically to road conditions at different shock-rate speeds to allow intended ride comfort for each level.

2. Power button - In current M3 is only for throttle sensitivity only. HP does not increase, 414hp is consistent and always on tap regardless of any M3 model or option package you choose. Read this on why people choose the different settings on this:

3. Drivelogic -

Overall computer program that learns your driving habits in "auto" mode. It also has the feature where you can change the harshness and speed of the shifts (the buttons you're referring to). Also includes mutiple factory presets for auto and manual modes for shifting speed and harshness.

4. You want additional Drivelogic literature, here's all that you can handle:

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