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I dont think its because people dont want to be 'seen in' a sports car. For many, a dedicated sports car doesnt offer the convinence of a sports coupe.
I own a sports car(C6 Corvette) and needed a DD to do the things we all need to do that a sports car doesnt do as well.
Get people in a back seat, fit coolers, fishing rods, tool boxes..... I also looked for a car that is reasonbly comfortable, a good seating position and easier to get in/out of than a low slung sports car. Being able to drive in snow/rain was also factored. Good visibility and a large greenhouse were also on my list. An important thing for me was performance. Its hard going from a 600hp Vette into a boring, slow econ box commuter. I wanted something that can push me into the seat well. The 135 was a car that has all this and more. The gitty up on the 135 is more than I expected.
Thats my take on it anyway.