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Originally Posted by RPM90 View Post
most BMW enthusiasts will find ways to hate on it anyway, declaring how bland the interior is, and how much cheap plastic it has, and how few luxury items come standard, blah blah.
I remember when Motor Trend did that comparison between the Boss Mustang and the M3. They put out nearly identical performance numbers. The domestic fanboys were cheering that the Mustang not just kept up, but sometimes bested the M3 for $20K less. The BMW fan boys said "sit in one, then the other! It's a BMW!"

Honestly, both sides are right. The Mustang was cheaper, but felt cheaper. Doesn't feel the same to drive, not as communicative, comfortable, nice on the inside, upscale, etc. These aren't just my thoughts; I am a fan of mustangs and have asked around (I'm seriously interested!). I think one forum member I asked said the Boss felt crappier to drive and was very tail-happy, plus the obvious lack of luxury amenities. That's what the $20k gets you. The cars are both capable, but that money gets you the refinement and the ability to drive that car to work every day. Or, you can save the money and get something with a different mission that will (marginally) beat it on a track.

At least that's my take, which is the same thing I mentioned in the original post. BMW has become less of a "sports car"/motorsport company and more of a everything brand (sporty, luxurious, AND utilitarian).

The FRS/BRZ doesn't try to have a leather interior that Mr. Executive can take clients out to lunch in, and then carve up the roads going home that night. It doesn't have to, because it's half the price. But that price includes an LSD. Wahhhhh.

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