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what no fight fans in bimmer land?

the "king" had no clothes
brutal sport
disappointed in Mcgregor and Khabib both
Mcgregor couldnt back up his ridiculously unsportsmanlike behavior and insulting trashtalk
Khabib however couldnt maintain the moral high ground jumping over the octagon going after trashtalking coach Danis ..
Yer right Khabib your father will kick yer asp abit for this
but what did everyone really expect?
Dana White allowed the ridiculously insulting and unsportman-like buildups and behaviors leading up to this finish..just to sell a fight
he is somewhat responsible for all of this

Khabib's strategy worked like a charm
got the contest on the ground early sapped him alil like a python
ground and pounded him like a piece of steak in round 2
once in round 3 the match was foregone tho both fighters tire, the benefit shifts to the grappler w/ world class conditioning
toe to toe when its abit safer in round 4 then finish it off on the ground

Is Khabib the best lightweight?
He retains the belt
however the remaining money fights which will be forthcoming:
Khabib vs Ferguson .. a more dangerous fighter than mcgregor imo
Winner vs GSP

this sets up well for the UFC even w/o Mcgregor's dramas
Khabib and Ferguson in Russia
then GSP returns to the ring

A bit glad the contest result turned out the way it did
A win by Mcgregor sanctions ever such behavior in the future
the self proclaimed king was revealed to be less
and his mouth will be abit more silenced and respectful in the future..maybe