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Originally Posted by Digital.James View Post
I'm sure I will get flamed for sure... but...

I really don't think the MSF course does anything to make you a "good" rider. In terms of school, MSF is pre-school. Nothing they teach you there will save your life. I remember taking it 15 years ago and saying, that's it? I've since taken an advance riding refresher, and that was a "bit" better.

To me, the track and track instruction is the only place you will become a good rider, no matter what you ride. You can explore fast riding, fast braking and fast maneuvers that really translate into street riding imo.
No flaming but I do respectfully disagree.

When I took my MSF course, I had never ridden or even started a bike, and never yet driven an MT car. So I was at zero and pre-school was what I needed to build the confidence for basic neighborhood street riding.

The turning, counter steering, and locking brakes lessons really did help me and in my first year of riding (a beater 1991 GS500 for my first bike) I still believe I avoided a few situations as a result of having taken the course.

I went back for the advanced course and got more out of that. I have been riding 12 years now, have done Reg Pridmore's CLASS, WSMC club racing on an SV650 - 632 was my race number hence my user name - and loads of track days, I still credit MSF with giving me a good start as a rider which also helped shape my mindset, and I recommend it to new riders every time.

All in all the value of MSF may vary based on an individual's prior experience with bikes, or maybe dirt bikes, but for a majority of the riders who just want to get a bike and are not going to ever take it to a track and have no experience, I think it is a good thing. Especially the 'my friend is going to teach me how to ride' crowd... They need it most!