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Originally Posted by whats77inaname
The Laser Interceptor can be intergrated w/the V1.

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I would recommend the Beltronics STiR Plus, simply the best detector available on the market. The list of features doesn't seem to end and best of all, it's designed for a stealth installation. I am installing the display inside my rear-view and controller in my ashtray to make it completely invisible.
I see people say this all the time. At night, when the detector goes off in your rearview mirror, how is it invisible if the car behind you (possibly a LEO) can see it?
I just had the Beltronics STiR installed this past week. Great set up. Highly recommend it. As far as the nighttime, it has a night setting that is very dim or the display can be turned off completely and you just rely on the sound. I looked at the Beltronics and the Escort. They are the same company now. The Beltronics is a bit more customizable and the display is red not blue like the Escort. When installed in the rear view mirror it looks better with the interior lighting and won't stand out like blue would.