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Hi tlp,

I was inspired by your post to do the retrofit on my 2009 335xi coupe. I got all the parts and few parts were extra, I will post all that information and my exerpriance later.

For now I need your help. I am getting the following message after I installed Front and rear PDC sensors: "SOS call system malfunction!"

I can not run CD, DVD, bluetooth, radio, or any audio. My SOS button is functional. Everthing else is functional except entertaiment. I did not encode/program the pdc yet (still trying to figure out how).

Do you have a picture to show where did you connect B1, B3 & B4 cables?

This PDC retrofit was not easy at all. I had to do it over four days with two of my friends helping, we hit many road blocks. The biggest one so far is my front bumper carrier is not compatible with front PDC sensors. There is no space between the front bumper and the carrier, it is impossible to fit the two middle front sensors.

The other challange was to wire the front PDC sensors from the bay engine to the interior. We had to remove the DME and the white plastic holder to have access to the available extra nipple below it. Removing the fuse box was a sad storry too. It was very hard to unscrew it since there is not much of space to do that and there are no instruction to state that I had to remove the fuse box to be able to connect B2 cable.

I will be writing up my experiance but again, I really need help to know if you got the SOS malfunction message and if you have pictures to show where did you connect B2, B3 & B4.