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Originally Posted by evo119
LOL....I wouldn't have told the parents! If my parents asked me how the game was, I'd say best game everrrrrr!!
Boy: [Playing with his new toy feverishly throughout the night]

... [Parents walk by their son's closed door] ...

Mom: Wow, little Kolton really seems to be enjoying that new footbal game we got him.
Dad: Yes dear, I'm glad he's taken an interest in football. That's my boy!
Mom: Well, we've always tried to get him into sports instead of sitting in front of his computer like he used to. Who knows what kind of filth is on this "internet".

... [Sudden sound of several grunting men during bukkake scene's climax] ...

Dad: Wow! Honey, did you hear those sound effects? That must've been a HUGE tackle! Games nowadays are so realistic aren't they?
Mom: They must be. He's been playing non-stop for days. He hasn't even left his room!