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2010 Mercedes Benz E250 Coupe

Car: 2010 Mercedes Benz E250 Coupe

Service: Stage 1 Paint Correction, General Interior Clean & Leather Condition


- Calcite White (solid white) paintwork was heavily contaminated and very dull
- Heavy build up of dirt on wheels (brake dust, rotor dust, grime, etc)
- No gloss apparent in paintwork and tar deposits all over paintwork.
- Swirls visible under sunlight
- After the exterior work, paint was severely cleansed and swirls were removed. Additionally, the gloss was restored with a wet look.
- Interior suffered from dust random marks & dirt. Also some stained and shiny leather seats.
- Interior was completely rejuvenated and the car was returned to factory condition.
- Engine bay was full of dust and dirt build up with stains on some of the painted surfaces. These were completely removed and plastics & rubbers were treated.
- Another happy owner. This was a great turnaround

Random before and after shots:

Edge of Side Skirt

Exhaust Pipe

50/50 of Leather on Driver's Seat

Right Side - Untreated, marked and shiny
Left Side - Treated and natural looking leather

Engine Bay

More photos here: