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Wow, so even if they meet their release target (and don't end up recalling it right away like the last one) it'll be available just a few months ahead of for the iPhone 5S, or whatever. Hopefully Apple keeps the same form factor like they have in the past.

Originally Posted by arnsbrae View Post
How about they start work on getting an email on your iPhone to actually show up on the iDrive screen?
Now why would you want to pollute a perfectly good driving experience by turning it into yet another place where email can suck away your time, life, and soul?

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Any news on a Y cable for the iPhone 5?
I really don't see that happening. BMW hasn't produced a car that requires a Y-cable for 2 years now, so I suspect people with iPhone 5s and older cars are out in the cold. However, you should be able to make it work in at least one of these two ways:

1. Buying a Lightning to Dock adapter and connecting your Y cable to that.
2. Using the standard white Lightning to USB cable and also a normal headphone cable to connect from the iPhone's headphone jack to your AUX In. However, the other option above would likely result in better sound since it would be delivering line-level audio rather than amped audio like the headphone jack does.
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