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Next Ti brace I make will feature close ups of welds,since talking about any seasoned fab guys welds is akin to talking about his momma... The bike frame was either in a media tumbler(most likely) or surface conditioned/polished in some manner. If indeed that wasn't robotic welds, then that guy is certainly gifted. My main concern is not to have a weld competition with the rest of the world, It's making sure things don't break and perform the task as to which they were intended. All visible gusset pics above were intentionally "rainbowed" on a second pass for visual flair if you will,since 90% of anyone buying a welded titanium anything expects to get something pretty,lightweight and functional.All actual tube joints are silver to spec.The reflective nature of the gusset welds against the dull background make photographing it a pain and really don't do it justice.I'll surface condition the next one just to prove a point, and since I'm officially irritated... Oh yeah, here's a pic of a Ti dragster jack handle that I welded that's been surface conditioned
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Yeah,that's this post being written in the background. Any questions?
To save myself the time of answering any conceivable questions regarding why I chose not to surface condition these, the answer is that they don't fit in the tumbler I have access to, and after investing a couple days in making a vessel to weld these in any extra time/costs added to the already preposterous venture of a run of any specialty produced piece being a one man operation- deterred me from taking it any further than what was necessary. We good with the whole welding bit now? Great.