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Thumbs up Defiv titanium //M diff lockdown

Ok here it is #01 for the Ti setup.

Nice work Rick. Thanks for all your help and expertise.
Only had a few miles on my new diff lock system and first thing I did was ck for some wheel hop. Lets just say that's not a problem anymore.
I'm not much for words when it comes to posting review on forums. But here it goes. My main goal was to solve my issues with the more pronounce wheel hop i was getting do to more HP from the SC. Just like what I said before that is no longer an issue. The car feels more sold/controllable when putting power to the road.
NickB316 reviews for the diff lock seems to be encouraging the same for me. But would like to put more hrs on the road to see if anymore positive or negative situation arise.

Again thanks Rick for making/installing this great product in my //M
Also was a pleasure to have meet you. The wash and detail was a nice touch. Cool