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Racing two laps M3 E92 Vs. Z4 M Coupé on the Nürburgring Nordschleife

Last summer I did two laps of hard racing with a friend on the Nordschleife head to head.

Well, to be honest we decided to take it easy and did that laps just for fun. On some ocassions you will see me slowing down to wait for the Z4 M so that we stick together. Furthermore our girlfriends were in the cars too so we wouldn´t race the cars like without. Anyway, I think the video looks good with the picture in picture feature. Have fun!

The Renault Megane in that video had Michelin Cups while I was on Michelin Super Sport. So due to that it wasn´t easy to follow him through courners. With Cups mounted on the M3, the Megane isn´t a problem at all - although it´s really a fast car round the Nürburgring.