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Originally Posted by Hawk Lax View Post
At no time did I berate him or make any personal comment, unlike his own comments towards me. I have track time in my M, other street cars and the formula skip barber cars so I have some idea what I am talking about. I never said an M3 was an optimal track car, the only optimal track car is just that one purpose built for the track. That's great that you respect his opinion. I know his background as a BMWCCA officer but to come on an M3 enthusiast website and bash the M3 and not expect to get called out on it is unrealistic. Equally delusional is a meaningful comparison between an STI and a M3. They are two completely different cars designed for completely different purposes. And comparing a modified anything to a stock car is just dumb.
You did make hostile remarks toward him as well as personal attacks toward me. I have autocrossed and tracked an m3 extensively. It is a fact, the m3 has a huge amount of mass that can't be overcome. It is a result of the fact that the car is luxurious and cushy. This gives it a fat feeling, that is the bottom line. Don't mistake this for poor handling, it reacts very well and has quite a bit of grip. The guy w/ the legacy knows what he is talking about. You have told me (a certified Porsche cup driver) and an ex instructor that we don't know what we are talking about. We are just speaking the truth, I am not bashing.

And for those of you saying they are not comparable and built for different purposes? Get off your high horse. The cars have the EXACT same principle, take a small base car and infuse it w/ power, suspension and brakes (o wait...), just at different price points. And most (not all) of the extra money goes towards the luxury, so in a purely performance comparison it is not invalid. Sure they accomplish it in different ways, but they both achieve the same thing.