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The 335i is what with sports package and nav?? $46k

The New M3 will be at least $15k above this, maybe they will squeeze it in at $59k to keep it under $60k on paper, but add in a few toys and it will be a $65k car with the minimum spec. Add SMG and a few luxuries and it will be a $70k car.

The expected price of it specced in the UK is around 55k, a similar specced 335i coupe m-sport is around 43k, so 12k cheaper and about the same as the E46 M3 was.

BMW have said that they want to make the new M3 more exclusive and a little more raw, the 335i really does what the old M3 did, a fast luxury car, the new M3 is taking ideas from the CSL and putting them in there.

There are plenty of poeple that wold pay the same for the M3 as the M6 in Europe, just because it will be the better car, they do different things, one is a car that eats the autobahn up, the other is for the twistes and occasional use on the track. Same with the 335 vs 535, I had a 535d m-sport touring, but swapped for the 335 as it is far more fun, 5 series is great for what it is, but no where near as good a car as the 3er, unless you really need that space the only reason you would buy the 5er is so you can impress you neighbour more with it sat on the drive, but I think that is more of an American thing maybe? All the European guys on the e60 forums always say go for the 335 over the 535, but all the US guys say go for the 535, we do have lots of smaller streets and far more winding roads here though, which is when you realise that the 3er is a better all round driving experience.