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Is it just me or have you noticed that the M cars, espescially the M3 (ala E46)or soooooo desireable over the reg Bimmers? I mean they really are like nite and day. As much as I like the 330i- it is gorgeous to me, I just know the new M3 is going to be just nuts. I tried to figure out why I like the M's so much, and especially after owning an 02' M3 coupe I think I figured it out- for me at least.....

1. Power Gobs of it, more than most people know what to do with..

2. That little M badge with its tricolors and that BIG BOLD SLANTED CHROME
M and of course the BIG number that comes after it..... Just the sight of the badge on a car especially TiAg or Black Sapph just gets my mouth watering.

3. The Chrome Quad Exhaust. Bold, Big and Bad @#!&(@(#

When I first got my 02 M3 I felt like it was Xmas morn again. Can you say DESIRE! Am I the only one that is like this????