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Originally Posted by phozenstone View Post
Yes I've half pressed shutter but still seem a bit slow reaction speed. On my canon point and shoot I have no problems.
The shutter lag (time between you pressing the shutter and the shutter firing) should be much lower on your DSLR than your point and shoot.

Can you list out all of the info on the shooting mode and exposure that you are using?

Also haven't figured out P mode yet. Tried shooting in P but comes out blurry sine my daughter keeps moving
P mode allows you to cycle through a range of aperture and shutter speed options based on what the exposure meter determines is the amount of light in your scene. It will default to what it thinks is best, but it doesn't always pick the right shutter speed and aperture for what you are shooting.

S mode lets you set a shutter speed and will automatically pick the right aperture for the amount of light in your scene.

A mode lets you set an aperture and will automatically pick the right shutter speed for the amount of light in your scene.

For the pics of your daughter you need a faster shutter speed to either stop the action or because you've got handholding/camera shake problems. For fast moving kids you need a shutter speed above 1/100 or so. Although your problem may in fact be camera shake (your hands are not steady and shutter speed is too slow, so you're moving the camera while the shutter is open). A good rule of thumb is that your shutter speed denominator needs to be equal to or bigger than your focal length. So for a shot at 100mm, you need to be shooting at 1/100 or faster (1/250, etc.) to not have camera shake issues. For a shot at 200mm, you need to shoot at 1/200 or faster. Etc.

To set the shutter speed to be a certain value, you need to shoot in S or P mode. In S, just set the shutter speed to the right value and the camera will pick the right aperture. In P mode, cycle through the exposure options until you get the shutter speed you want.