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Question Education Please - M3 upgrades ?

hello all,

i'm happy to report that i'm on the list at my local dealer for the new M3 - IT WILL BE MY FIRST M CAR. i'm curious what are the typical options that BMW has offered in the past on the M3 cars - or just M cars in general? is there a basic package (i assume there is) and then BMW offers many options on top of that? if so, what are the options...performance related (not that it really needs more than what this one will already have), external appearance related, internal appearance related, etc.?

also, several folks i work with are also big BMW enthusiasts and claim they know everyting about M cars. they both claim that it is fairly easy to remove the governor that BMW puts on the cars to reduce the top speed. this seems pretty fishy to me, does anyone know on the current M cars, if these governors can be removed easily w/o risking the performance of the engine.