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Originally Posted by soberin View Post
The more important question to me is how does this suspension feel compared to the Stage III Dinan setup that I have in my E90? The Stage III is much firmer than stock, with significantly reduced body roll and brake dive. The camber plates have made turn in much sharper than stock as well. How much more could I get from the new product to justify removing my current suspension and paying so much more for the "coilovers?"

I havent driven a Stage III Dinan set up to give a comparison. I dont know what the difference in spring rates is or what your ride height is compared to what it might be with the added adjustability. IMO, unless you track the car and are concerned with being able to corner balance the car or want to be able to adjust the ride height it would not be worth it for you to go with this kit.

A lot of people seem just concerned with the appearance of how their car sits, so this kit or a true coilover set up is overkill.

I found the ZCP package on my current car vs. my old non zcp stock e90 to a noticeable upgrade on and off the track.