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Originally Posted by Lights407 View Post
Thanks for the quick reply Technic. PnP, no re-programming required? I would say that I'm honestly looking for the simplest solution for the amp replacement, and the XD600/6 seems to make the most sense. Is this a package that you sell personally, or just the harness?

Sidenote, do you know of any suspect areas that people most experience leaking? I was thinking the same thing as far as handling that issue first, and unfortunately I am having trouble remembering if I spilt water on that side or not recently. If not, I'm going to have to locate where the leak is coming from.
Now that Mike suggested an EPS OEM amp as replacement then I took another look at your photos... that's not a HiFi OEM amp.

My suggestion does not apply here as I was responding to the title of your thread, 2011 HiFi amp.

Get that used EPS amp instead.