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How to remove this residue from the dash?

Hey gang,

This is really stumping me. As showing in the photo, there are ~4 "spots" on the dash, that are some sort of residue from manufacturing. I know they are from the factory, because when I picked the car up at the Welt, I saw it immediately upon getting in the car. I didn't give it too much concern at the time, because I figured it was just something sticky that I could wipe off when I got around to it.

Here's what I've tried:

1) P21S TAW directly on the spots, and agitated thoroughly with a boars hair brush.
2) P21S TAW on a MF towel, agitating by hand
3) water on a MF towel, agitating by hand.

None of these methods worked. What other chemicals or methods should I use? I do have a steam cleaner, but that is "last resort" because the heat can damage plastics.
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