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Originally Posted by j2m View Post
I want to add to this thread because I know this thread is being read by a lot of potential buyers. I actually read this thread before I bought my Trophies and after reading this thread I decided I didn't want to risk the possibility of spending $6K on a set of Trophies and having these problems.

THEN I found out I would have to wait 3-4 months for Brembos in the color I wanted SO I went back to the Trophies and rolled the dice.
I bought mine from Harold at HP and talked to him in depth about my concerns.

I REFUSE to put something on my car that I have to baby the shit out of or worry about taking my car though a car wash (or) spraying some type of wheel cleaner that will make the bolts rust. That would drive me crazy. So I figured I'd install them and live life as normal and see what happens.

Because of the climate I live in, my car gets quite dirty quick so I take my car through a brush-less car wash at least 2 times per week. I was concerned that some of the chemicals they use for the car wash might cause problems but I wasn't willing to BABY a set of brakes that are suppose to be "HIGH END RACE BRAKES"
So I used several types of wheel cleaners, including the spray foam that you rinse off and many other wheel cleaners.
The Trophies were on my car for 6 months and I put about 5,000KM on them without issue.

I was extremely HAPPY with these brakes and they looked almost as good, after 6 months as the day I installed them. I would HIGHLY recommend these brakes and IMO these are the best brakes you can buy for $6,000.00

I recently bought I set of Brembo GTR's so I sold the Trophies.
These pictures were taken before I shipped to buyer.

I think stoptech has figured out the problem and fixed it.

REGARDING CUSTOMER SERVICE: IMHO AND MY EXPERIENCE BOTH Stoptech and Brembo (Race Technologies USA) have equally shitty customer service. These are companies that sell a commodity and they know they have somewhat cornered the market so they don't NEED to supply the level of customer service that consumers expect. I really don't think they give a shit if you buy their product or not.

Stoptech would never returned multiple phone calls, VM, emails...

Brembo/Race Tecnology USA is the same. When I did happen to get someone on the phone, they are nice guys and seem to want to help and answer questions but they make promises to follow-up and never do and this is not one isolated incident.

This is why it's important to deal with a reputable vendor that does give a shit, and will care enough to help if you run into an issue.
Just wondering what happened that made you want to contact stoptech? Your reply is making me lean towards a set of trophy's. I too had changed my mind after reading this thread!
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