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Originally Posted by paradocs98 View Post
The more I think about it, you're right--that's one of the great things about this car, that it can do so many things so well.

I get your point here, too, but I'm thinking in terms of engine architecture/design and intended purpose. The extreme of the M3 example would be an F1 engine--very high revving, high-strung, relatively small displacement, and relying on high revs to generate horsepower. An F1 car would obviously be a very poor choice for a drag car. Most people would probably stall it just trying to maintain the revs to get it off of the line and going.

The extreme of the old-school American V8 example would be a big-block drag motor. Immense amounts of torque to jump off the line, and max power developed at around 5500-6000rpm, instead of 8200rpm in our cars, or 18000rpm in an F1 engine.

The M3 does by its nature have to be a compromise, but in its sporting nature I would say that it leans much more toward road course/handling/easily-modulated naturally aspirated motor, instead of drag racing/torque monster.
Come on, you're smarter then that!

It's not because you go dragracing with your M3 that you bought your M3 only for that purpose!