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Originally Posted by vdude View Post
Thanks for sharing Golffrr. Another thing to add to my bucket list!!!
Def, I want to attend the 3 day school next, they even have a golf and driving package. Can it get any better?

Originally Posted by trackfiend View Post
Congrats to Ryan for winning the Power of M contest.
Thanks to all of the forum for helping him achieve that!! He really appreciates all the support

Originally Posted by slalomfever View Post
nice write up...we had our chance in October 2011 to do this. Had an absolute blast. Frederick Valdez - one of the BMW trainers kicked butt. He was only 1 sec slower than the pro drivers. We also had the priviledge of being taught by Bill Auberlain during the 1M slalom course. Fortunately, I won the wet course competition

Would love to go back for the M5 training.
Frederick I heard was a beast on the track. They didn't let him run this go around. Said he was to good lol. Bill A thats sick! I would love to have had a couple more tips on the slalom course before I went.

I did pretty bad in the wet course o well I tried

Originally Posted by Darth One View Post
this is very cool...I booked M school in march and can't wait. it would be awesome if we civilians could do something like this dealer training thing
Trust me you will have the time of your life!

Originally Posted by PhillyNate View Post
I thank the OP of this thread the most for the video illustrating the difference between exhausts of the M3's. One with the M Performance Exhaust and one with the stock exhaust. I knew the stock sounded good from outside the car but I had no idea it sounded that good at WOT. After hearing that there is no longer an urgency to upgrade IMO. The M Performance did sound better but not $3k better.
Both stock and Perf Exhaust sounds awesome under WOT. especially at 135+ MPH

Originally Posted by tigerdr View Post
I live about 2 hours from the Performance Center (maybe only good reason to live in SC) and have done PCD, M School and Advanced M school at Virginia International Raceway and Carolina Motorsports Park. No other track time besides BMW schools so nothing to compare it to.
PCD is fun because you are getting your own car and the factory tour but not much track time relative to the others.
M School is great because of all the track time in M cars but track at PC a little small. It is a prerequisite for the advanced school
Advanced M school at VIR is the best and would rec to anyone. 3.2 mile track is awesome and we constantly reached 140+ mph in M6 and M3 doing lead follow laps. I am no videographer but this is the video from VIR.

One year ago today we we put on a corporate event at CMP.

Should give a little comparison to the PC.
I would be down there all the time if I lived there! I actually was really impressed with SC. Very nice place

Originally Posted by Rich@GTBPerformance View Post
Great photos and videos, thanks for posting!
Thank you

Originally Posted by ObviousMan View Post
I was fortunate enough to be able to go to a 2 day M School last March. It really was as good as the videos and reports say! Day two of my school, when we were doing full track lapping sessions in the M3 and M5, was non-stop medium to heavy rain. I was truly amazed just how hard the cars can be driven in conditions like that. That experience gives me a huge amount of confidence in my M3.
Thats funny you say that. When we first got out there and headed out on the high speed track there was some left over rain on the track from the morning and previous nights rain fall. The cars didn't break what so ever. the traction was not an issue whatsoever! Def put a lot more confidence in my car as well.

Originally Posted by Pauldramos View Post
What a great experience!

Originally Posted by z4ps View Post
I was there 17-18th.

Was able to do 23.01 on 1M.

Good times.

its amazing how well those 1M's handled on that track wasn't it? I was very very impressed. great time!

Originally Posted by MDSKIER View Post
It is a great experience, glad you enjoyed it.
Thank you

PS: Guys/Gals feel free to post up your vids and pics of when you went to performance center as well. I want everyone who hasn't experience the facility to see just what they are missing and maybe they can get out there soon and enjoy it as well!!

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