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Originally Posted by ~XxPornxX~ View Post
ahah the glove and joe were good defenders but undersized at the sg to defend. mj would just abuse them in the post. wade cracked kobe in the nose during the asg cause he got tired of being schooled haha. mj did have the super cool palming the ball with one hand, kobe needed duct tape to do so lol.

kobe does forces up many many low shot clock grenade balls, if he gets double tripled...i mean if my life depended on a open luke/kwame/smush im sorry ill have kobe force it.

sorry for my kobe homerism,out of all the moves he stole from mj he added his own which was the pump fake 360 reverse pivot fade away during the 61pt MSG game. Imo his best skill is his ability to adapt to every defender guarding him in one game. he adjusts to shorter/longer/athletic/bigger stronger/rookies/vets/reads where the double team is coming and uses their advantages against them.
So ud take battier/bowen/bell over dumars or payton on D against SGs?

Kobe ends up w the ball all the time coz he demands it.. Ull get the death stare and be blamed if u dont pass it to him.. Thus more forcing of shots.. Now im not sayin mj wasnt like that but kobe had/has better players around him t/o his career. Shaq,malone,payton,d12,nash.. Hell i think id take gasol's offensive post up prowess over longley