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Originally Posted by ~XxPornxX~ View Post
im not sure!? lol offensively i think kobe has more moves but mj was stronger/quicker with larger hands. I watched them both growing up at their peaks, mj was guarded by the likes of john starks/jeff hornacek much smaller inferior defenders which allowed him to iso. kobe was guarded by some of the leagues best wing defenders bowen/battier/prince/iggy/lbj but was rewarded by the hand checking rule.

they both boggle my mind with sheer talent/skill vs a superior body ala lbj or 6'9 magic. they are just a mis match every game due to their build + talent.

Lol so its kobe? I think almost all kobe moves are identical to mj but kobe forces more shots while having all around better teammates in their career.
With regards to defenders.. How about throw joe D. Maybe a little Payton. Lbj and kobe rarely get to match up if uve been watching alot. Its always d wade on him