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Originally Posted by swartzentruber View Post
It may depend on the seats you get or your build, but I have the Recaro Profi XL seats in my R32, and find them quite comfortable on longer trips, probably just as comfortable as the stock seats (albiet this is in an R32, whose stock seats were a form of racing seat). I had both seats installed on sliders, and it's not that difficult to get to the area behind the seats either. It would be more trouble if they were both fixed, definitely.

All that said, I really wouldn't recommend racing seats with a otherwise stock car, and I'm not that much of a fan of harnesses either (with stock seats). I've been swayed by the argument that it's best to have a complete system, meaning fixed back racing seats, 6 pt harness, and roll cage. At that point, it becomes suboptimal as a DD.

I've only driven the M one event on the track (2012 ofest), and didn't really find the stock seats and belts that bad for moving around, once I followed the proper method (put proper adjustment in seat memory, recline seat back, adjust belt until very tight, use memory button to return to proper adjustment with belt now very tight). If the car is going to be your daily driver, I'd just stick with that or maybe try the cg lock.
Originally Posted by swartzentruber View Post
It's an American device, but you should be able to order from Germany.
See my post above for a recommendation on what I've found to be a fairly comfortable long distance driving seat, since this is a concern of yours.
Thanks! From what I've heared the Recaro Pole Position are actually quite comfortable for a racing seat. I will defenetly be mountet on sliders. I want to keep my car a DD. I will try the technique with the seatbelt. I found the seats ok on the track, but at the drift trainings I was moving around much more. The problem with the height remains though.

I am also not a fan with harnessess with stock seat and especially without a cage, so I will keep the stock seat belts.

I'll have a look at that CG Lock. I didn't know it till now.

Originally Posted by bigjae1976 View Post
Forgot to mention. If your girlfriend likes to wear skirts, she will probably put on a good everytime she gets in and out. If she's shorter than 5'6" she'll might be staring at the dashboard.

Look at my post here...

Here is a pic of a passenger in my E46 ( sliders).
She is exactly 5'6'' But she sleeps all the time, when she is in the car, so that's not a problem I didn't consider the topic with the skirt This might be a deal breaker Or I will change only the driver's seat, but then I really don't know if it will look that good. I will wrap the Pole Position also in fox red, but still the shape of the seat is completely different.