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Ok, I'll put in my 2c.

I think BMW went the turbo route not because it produces peak power, but because of a combination of emissions and usable power band. That said, superchargers, although they don't give quite as high peak power, give plenty of usable power down low (which is where most drivers use it). The problem with superchargers is that most run off of the accessory pulleys, which inherently rob some power from the engine just to run the s/c. Also, it's more difficult to cool the intake charge from the s/c as well, especially since most auto manufacturers use a Magnussen/Eaton type blower, which is basically bolted directly to the intake manifold. Plus, the hardware is generally larger and heavier. The current S4 is a perfect example of how modern superchargers are making great usable power and giving BMW a run for its money.

Disclaimer. I did drive a Jackson Racing supercharged Integra GSR for many years. Great usable power in the entire power band, near instantaneous throttle response, no boost lag at all, and near stock mileage (as long as you stayed out of boost).