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Originally Posted by Bweezy311 View Post
Just wanted to clear something up with those comparing/talking about MoH and this. DICE did NOT make the single player of that game, ONLY the multiplayer. So if you've played BC 1 or 2 MP you got the same feel.

How many of you played battlefield 1942 that started it all or battlefield 2? BF2 is still awesome IMO. I just might have to reinstall it again.
Personally I haven't entirely liked the feel of BC2 or MoH MP but I only played MoH for a couple hours and BC2 demo. Everything just seems too tiny to see. When you play COD a lot you're use to the people being bigger.
I'm on my iPhone so I can't edit (or don't know how) but I think a big part is that I played those 2 games on the PS3 when I'm a true pc fps at heart. Point and click is 100000000 times easier.