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Originally Posted by Sal@Evolve View Post
Thanks Sal (sounds like I am speaking to myself..LOL)

To confirm, Steve is running the exact same setup. 95mm Pulley.
Same exact version of software also. No custom tuning.

Maybe we should rename our 600 kit to a 625.

Thanks for posting the dyno's. Do you have boost logs of the dynojet dyno's you posted? I have no doubt that your kit can make 500+ whp sae on a dynojet the question is what is the boost required to get it there. I find it odd that a customers independent dyno it discarded as not valid when people at the dyno event confirmed the manual boost gauge that was hooked up to the car was in fact hitting over 6+ psi during his runs. Maybe the people attending were mistaken. If you can add boost logs to the dyno's you just posted showing your kit will make that power at 6.7 psi then the discussion is over and the video posted will make sense.

As to the continued marketing and testimony that the Rotex blower makes power sooner somehow than the Vortech blowers I believe the dynos you posted prove otherwise. What I see is very similar gains below 5k RPM to the many Vortech powered supercharger dynos in the dyno database and less top end than most.