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Originally Posted by VVG View Post
I guess it depends what your other financial obligations are. If you make that type of money and have no kids, or don't own much real estate, then go for it.

Still, a turbo S is a near exotic. Keep in mind that most people who can afford one can afford to pay cash and not even blink. Also, anyone looking to spend over $100k on a car and who needs to finance it, probably shouldn't be spending that much on a car.
That's not necessarily true. I know people that finance exotic cars. They don't have quite enough to pay cash, but they're able to put enough down to make the car's payments acceptable. Like you said, we don't know his finances. Any $170,000 car is going to be iffy when looking at financing these days, but just because you can't pay full cash up front doesn't mean you can't afford it; a Porsche, especially. I mean, a Lamborghini or Ferrari, sure. I could understand you saying that, because those cars have a high level of money spent on maintenance each year. A Porsche isn't really like that, though. So dollar for dollar, a Turbo S is a much more sound investment when looking at it from a maintenance standpoint...

Get off the guy's nuts, guys. I used to be a car salesman and had this talk with people numerous times. I didn't want to embarrass them by giving them a hit on their credit, or just showing them a potential car payment that's potentially too much for them. Most people respected it. It was when I went through the process, i.e., running credit, checking finances, etc., that they'd get pissed off when they just took the car for a drive, got all excited about it, only to tell them that it wouldn't happen...

I say, whether your finances are in order, this was a nicer client adviser. He has balls, but that's because he's probably been in the game long enough to not be afraid of them. So consider yourself lucky he gave you credible and honest information up front.

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