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Originally Posted by kaykay View Post
Just go up and talk to her. You have NOTHING to lose.

Be confident, feel the moment, look at her body language, her facial expressions (if she starts looking freaked out from your demeanor, pull back, if she likes it, continue).

"Let's grab a coffee"

"Let's see a movie"

"Want to grab a quick bite?"

"Where are you from?"

Anything and everything works...

Again, be confident and just go talk to her. If she's noticing you one-bit in class, you've already fucked her.

Like Sun Tzu said, "Every battle is won before it is ever fought."

You have NADA to lose, think about it this way, if there are 10 chicks and speak to each one, probabibility says that you get 5-6 numbers and end up banging 2-3 of them. It's all math, numbers - there's always an answer.

Now go talk to her and stop sending Dan in PA pictures of your dick. LOL
Aye, Aye Sir!!! I'm liking the numbers. I'm going to get cleaned up and talk to 10 girls, and prove you theory wrong by fucking all 10. Now I didn't say what they look like or how old they are.