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Originally Posted by Nikolas View Post
BTW all the magazines have also verified that the PDK transmissions while heavier are faster than their manual counterparts on all models with the PDK. Gearing and shift speed are both good friends in attaining speed fast.
Totally agreed and as you say, the mag tests bear this out. PDK also allows practically uninterrupted power delivery during the shift as well; full throttle shifts too.

Some more Panamera Turbo figures from recent tests:

Road & Track
0-60: 3.4
1/4 mi: 11.7 @ 118
Skidpad: 0.96g, mild understeer
Slalom: 69.1 mph, neutral

Car & Driver
0-60: 3.3 seconds
0-160: 24.6 seconds
1/4-mi: 11.7 seconds @ 119 mph