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Finally went for this mod. Good DIY it helped me. A couple of additional comments:
  1. The fuse holder is a bit tough to remove. Just keep pressing on the steel tabs and then you can slide and rock the assembly off one side at a time.
  2. The base of the HP aluminum frame is not the right thickness to fit perfectly. Even when fully tightened the assembly could rattle a bit. I fixed this by using a thin ~1/16" strip of aluminum double sided taped to the floor of the batter compartment about 1/2" away from the tang that secures the front end of the assembly. You will see this tang after removing the battery. I initially tried to simply bend the tangs a bit but then decided a simple spacer was better.
  3. The battery is a bit too tall. The rubber coated bracket that runs over the top of the battery barely fits but it will without breaking anything. In fact it helps secure the fuse assembly since that no longer can mount to the side of the new battery.

P.S. doba_s: In your last picture, install complete, it appears that your negative terminal binder is on only about 1/2 way!

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