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Just my 2 cents to your findings ... speaking from experience :)

Originally Posted by spmd11 View Post
Alright.. we are at 711 miles on the new e93 M and our first experience ever with DCT. Had an 09 e90 M3 6MT, so this is an adjustment. So far, there is a lot to like about the tranny. I've been experimenting with the different shift speed settings, but here are a couple of annoying things.

1. In manual, I have no way to skip gears. Say for instance I am slowing down from a 55mph secondary road to turn into our neighborhood, I can't skip from 7 to 2 for the turn.. I must down shift through every single gear to get to second. In the 6 speed of course, one would just go from 6 straight into 2. Is there a way around this?

2. I haven't found an optimal D mode as far as shift aggressiveness and economy. I like the quick shifting in the highest mode, but then the transmission will not upshift to 7 once i'm cruising. It seems to be stuck in 6, even after I'm off the throttle. Any suggestions on this?
Looks like you are a man of order and precision (assuming you are a Pilot - based upon your avatar?). A man that likes to be in control at every turn and bend in the road.

The M-DCT is not one where you are in control as fine as a piece of engineering it is (and it is I can assure you - for I am a Engineer that recognizes such accomplishments). No the onboard computer is in full control as it would be if you put your sophisticated flying machine (in your case the jet) on auto pilot. You of course know very well what I mean.

So the DCT fellows here are not able to help you out at all ... sorry no only you yourself can step out from this slight misfortune (if that is what it is - I myself think it is not and if you adjust you might just get to like it) and get yourself one of these fine automobiles with 6MT then you will be in full control ... shifting from 6 to 3 then to 2 to take your normal turn into your homestretch neighbourhood street where some of your friendly neighbours will welcome you back home with a gentle wave

So good luck to you whatever you do to take that gentle turn into your final destination namely that home stretch you street where you live

PS. BTW I know the driving difference as well for my former m3 was a e46 having this fine SMG Transmission and I did get used to it after handing my first 5MT over to one of my loved ones ... so in time you might just get used to your M-DCT.
Cheers, Rolf-Dieter

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