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Originally Posted by Serious View Post
BTW in F1 (as in new ferrari's/mclaren mp4) if you hold the downshift paddle down while braking the engine will continue to blip down through the gears maintaining the highest possible RPM for maximum engine braking. This also allows you to skip gears on the road.
Yeah, that's an awesome feature, and we've discussed that possibility and others like it here before. I think BMW decided against it just to keep things simple. Truthfully though, with all the difference drivelogic modes, IMHO, it is a missed opportunity that they don't give us stuff like that in the higher, more aggressive ones. I notice the new M5 only has 3 Drivelogic modes instead of 5. I'm glad they simplified it, but stuff like the auto-downshift should be an option, maybe even something you could enable/disable in IDrive regardless of Drivelogic mode. Same could apply for the multi-gear downshift when accelerator is floored for that matter.

BTW, I don't know if they really do it for engine braking, so much as to keep you in the right gear should you suddenly need to or decide to accelerate.
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