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Originally Posted by Malekreza11 View Post
EQ Settings: E92 M3, Enhanced Premium Sound:

100 Hz: 0
200 Hz: +1
500 Hz: +3
1k Hz: +4
2k Hz: -1
5k Hz: +2
10k Hz: +4

Bass: +2 (User definable)
Treble: 0 (User Definable)
Fader: 0 (User Definable, based on height and seating position. If you are tall and sit further back, adjust the fader. For reference, I am 6 feet tall, and have the fader set to ZERO)
Balance: 0

Used these settings, adjusted treble and bass to personal preference (only slight boost to bass for me). Went on a long drive and the tunes sounded great at higher volumes (Blues and Hard rock), lots of punch and very accurate. My only complaint with the premium sound is at lower volume, the bass totally disappears. If the bass is boosted at lower volume it sounds muddy. I wish there were a loudness setting. Anyway, thanks for the input. I like the settings.