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Originally Posted by AyooooJay View Post
So just to clarify, the product should not be rinsed after having it sit there for a few minutes?
What I did was I first started washing the car, then I washed the wheels with Sonax, rinsed, left the wheels drain some of the excess water before applying the product. I left the product sit for a good 10 minutes and then rinsed off and didn't see any changes.

I should leave the product on the rotor without rinsing? Will that after any discoloration to the wheel or calipers?
Exactly, in your case this would be the steps..
1) wash car / rinse
2) wheel cleaner/scrub/rinse each wheel and brake rotor/caliper with brush
3) rinse wheel and brake rotor/caliper well
4) while the excess water is dripping off of your rotor, spray RUSTOPPER to keep the rotor wet with the solution
5) allow it do dry and no rust will form

I think what happened is that you applied RUSTOPPER then rinsed it off before it had a chance to dry.