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thats what happens when I start getting loopy at work! you should make a quote desk calendar. i want 50% of any profit you make.
If I ever find the time to do it, and you give me enough quotes, certainly. You can have 80% of profits given you are doing all the work, so to speak.

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Unrelated - who wants to try the alpina b3 tcu flash? I ordered my cable last night
It's awesome! This is how this car should be from the factory! Shifts are crisp and smooth even though they are faster. The throttle blips on downshifts in manual mode make it even more awesome.

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Had Adam (Clem on e90) do the install, he's extremely good with N54s, start to finish took maybe 90 minutes....The midpipe brace was gone when we put it on the lift, I have a feeling it was forgotten when my mids were installed a few months back it didn't matter then with the OE downpipes having a support bracket, but now the setup hangs a little bit and something is vibrating, i strongly doubt it's the downpipes as we checked fitment multiple times and the sound seems to be originating from the middle portion of the car (just what i've heard in the 40 miles i've driven with it). My guess is somewhere the midpipe is hitting somethin…just not sure where yet, I'll check it out after work.
That's no good, always sucks when that kind of stuff happens. Too bad you weren't able to catch it before now too, just for the easy of grabbing it and putting it back on. I'm sure dealing with the rattle is just... wonderful
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I can never have cross dressing fun nothing ever fits!