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Haha yea, right now between the small smoke plume+smell+resonating sound my car is boarderline embarassing to pull up to a light with, but once I get the vibration nonsense sorted out I'll just chuckle at people smelling the air. I'm happy the cabin smell is 90% gone with hvac on, for the first 30 miles or so after install the smell inside was noxious, but now it's more or less gone. I'm assuming that's the oil buring off the pipes and gaskets sealing that was causing that, I highly doubt I have an exhaust leak. The smell outside I really don't mind, a little whiff of what smells like 2 stroke isn't bad at all.
Yeah, mine took a few hundred miles and the smell in the cabin was all but gone. I'm sure it was the oil/gaskets doing their thing, and all will be well shortly. Did you do the install yourself or somebody do them for you? Seems like there should be a trail for the brace and you shouldn't need to buy a new one. Maybe it's been gone longer and I'm just over thinking these things for you.
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