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Originally Posted by erio View Post
I agree that the GT3 has more "feel." It's definitely a purists car. If "feel" is what one is looking for a stripped down track ready Miata or Honda s2000 are also good choices. I agree that the GT3 is without question an amazing driver's car. I appreciate all types of cars for what they have to offer. Everyone has to choose what best fits them in terms of performance, road feel/feedback, comfort, practicality, price, etc.
Miata or S2000 compared to a GT3,LoL..Lets not go off on a tangent.We are talking about 95K+ plus cars here that are capable of more than just ''feel''. Feel and weight is just one attribute the cheaper car will have that will rival a GT3.Safety,grip,brakes,engine,transmission,suspens ion,speed and build quality,they are be wayyy behind.

Yes,I agree the GTR has phenomenal speed and numbers.Your average driver can go very fast in one without much effort.I guess that is why it has mass appeal.I for one like the challenge the Porsche puts on the table and the purist way they build cars.They are not for everyone of course,that is why we have choices.