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Yikes some of the comments in here are over the top hatred.

My $.02 - I see no reason why gays shouldnt be allowed to marry. If it makes them happy then by all means go for it.

But while I do support this, I also understand the other side that believes marriage is between a man and a woman. But even for the "traditionalists" I think there are 2 camps: those who solely believe the term marriage is reserved for a man and a woman, but support gays having all rights equal to marriage, just not calling it marriage...and those that are straight up bigots.

On a side note - I hate when I see the gay marriage movement called the "civil rights movement of our lifetime". How can you compare gay marriage to what black people went through in the 60's? Im not even black and this offends me to think something relatively trivial in the scheme of things (being able to use the term marriage) can be compared to an entire race of people being treated like they are sub-human.