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Yeah Verizon is pretty much good coverage, shit customer service. You go into their store, immediately enter your name onto a computer and wait in line 45 minutes to speak to some high school dropout and beg them to fix or replace your phone.

ATT has always offered me great customer service, but I get shitty reception. I live maybe 50 minutes from NYC. I'm a bit into the woods of northeast NJ (yes, there's woods and farms), but that's still unacceptable so close to a major city. Also, my service fluctuates from 3G to Edge and back in areas i KNOW i should have full 3G coverage. Weird. ATT has generally proven nicer to me in terms of service, though, and they have always been generous with replacements except for Apple items but that isn't in their control. No ridiculous entering my name into a waiting list the second I get into the store, no trying to convince me it's GOOD for my phone to run at 120 degrees F, no bullshit.

Though, the reception problems with ATT might change soon as they seem like they're about to successfully aquire T-Mobile and their entire network (including nationwide 4G framework).

Also, if you're grandfathering into ATT, you can keep the unlimited data plans from days long gone. I'm getting unlimited for 20 bucks a month, vs verizon's 30. ATT offers new customers like 2 gb / month for 25 bucks, and unless you're making hotspots and shit and downloading full movies everywhere you go, this is much more than enough for email, social networking, games, texting, and regular calling.

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