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Originally Posted by takedown8 View Post
Looks like this thing is finally wrapping up with a relatively happy ending!

On a side note, I too am very disappointed with BMW NA. The more I've dealt with BMW dealerships and now seeing how BMW NA is responding, I've been losing faith in this company.

How hypocritical are they? In response to Ken's plight, their response is basically, "We sell dealers cars, and how they choose to sell them is up to them as they are independent companies, etc."

BUT, BMW NA does not allow US dealers to sell new BMW's to Canadians for fear that Canadian BMW dealerships will lose money. They actually threaten the US dealerships with penalties if they do.

So when BMW NA replied the way they did in this case, you just know they're totally full of it.

i agree as well. but if we start experiencing bad selling practices, what makes them think the consumer will buy their car when competing luxury cars are just as good if not better ? (plz don't lynch me as i know this is a BMW forum, just wanted to throw a hypothetical).

heck, if their selling practices are "questionable", how good is really the quality of the manufacturing ? (no cars are perfect).